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Mon, Jul 18, 2005

SSH dictionary attacks got you down?

DenyHosts parses the SSH log, tracks attempts, and automatically updates /etc/hosts.deny.

(You are using TCP Wrappers, aren't you?)

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Sun, May 29, 2005

RenderMan-compatible Renderers

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Fri, Jun 20, 2003

Cream for Vim

Cream is a plugin/configuration thingy for Vim that vastly improves its functionality. Better menus, color themes, a better status bar, show/hide invisible characters, word-wrap (yay, no more !!fmt), a file browser, a spell checker, and more.

By default, Cream even does away with the much-maligned modal interface: to insert text, just start typing. I assume this is good for Windows and Mac weenies who can't handle the usual vi command set. (Tip for UNIX users: "Cream Lite" mode reverts to the normal vi command set while keeping the neat extras.)

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