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Sat, Mar 18, 2006

Why Microsoft is not my favorite software company
The grade sheet that I posted a few minutes ago is rather hard to read in Internet Explorer. It looks like the bottom few pixels of each row are cut off.

The HTML file was generated by setting a print area and choosing Save As Web Page from the File menu in Excel 2004 for Mac.

I understand cross-browser differences. I even understand cross-platform differences. But if I can't save a web page from the latest version of one Microsoft product and have it readable from the latest version of another Microsoft product, well...

You should all be using Mozilla Firefox anyway. It looks fine there.

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Homework Grades
I've posted grades as of 10:41pm Friday 3/17.

If you turned in an assignment that isn't recorded, or if you didn't get as high a score on an assignment as you think you should have, please e-mail me.

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