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Fri, Apr 08, 2005

Stupid Spammer Tricks
You've all seen those spam messages with subject lines like "Make $$$ Fast! libertarian expiation gonzo (xyzzy)". The spammers include nonsense words in an attempt to fool Bayesian filters. It doesn't work very well, but they still do it.

But here's a new twist. The other day I got a spam e-mail whose subject line included the word "quadric." Since we'd been talking about quadric surfaces in my graphics class just the other day, they almost got me to read their stupid advertisement.

I figured it was just a coincidence until yesterday I got one whose subject line contained "cryptanalysis." I gather they've taken to scraping web pages: when they decide to spam whomever@example.com, they first check to see if there's a www.example.com, then grab a statistically significant word from that page and use it in the subject line, hoping to fool you into opening it.

Clever, but not clever enough. Did I mention that both of the e-mails had already been automatically filed under "Spam?"

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The DNS Poisoning Attacks
As of this post, the latest update from SANS was here.

The attacks are serious enough that the Internet Storm Center has raised their Infocon level to "Yellow." I know this because the icon in my system tray has turned yellow and started flashing.

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Syntax Error
Ok, so how long were you going to wait before telling me that one of the example programs had a syntax error?!?

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