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Sat, Mar 19, 2005

E-mail address encryption
Ok, this is kind of neat: a program that takes your e-mail address, encrypts it using 10-bit RSA, then generates a JavaScript program to decrypt it and generate a mailto: link in a web page. Why do such a thing? Because if you post an e-mail address as plaintext on a web page (like, say, that link to spool@kenytt.net over on the left), it'll be a matter of minutes before some lowlife scrapes it and spams you.

So I was setting up an autoresponder for homework assignments, and figured I'd give it a shot.

/var/spool/courses/csuf/2005/spring/cpsc433/misc #

Assignment submission auto-responder
I've had a few people who've e-mailed assignments to me ask whether or not I'd received them. (And a few whose e-mail seems to have disappeared into the ether.) I've set up an auto-responder that will reply with an acknowledgement and a list of received files. To submit an assignment, click here. (Note: you'll need JavaScript enabled to use that link.)

/var/spool/courses/csuf/2005/spring #



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