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Mon, Mar 07, 2005

If you need to talk to me and you can't make it to my office hours (now conveniently listed on the home page), you are always welcome to schedule an appointment. Convenient appointment times are generally before or after class, e.g.

  • Before 1:00pm on Mondays and Wednesdays
  • After 4:00pm on Monday
  • Before 4:00pm or after 8:15pm on Tuesday and Thursday
  • Before 6:00pm on Friday
If events ever force me to cancel regular office hours, there will be a notice posted on my door. If I need to cancel an appointment with you, I will make sure that you are contacted individually.

If you ever come by during office hours and there isn't a note posted but you can't find me, one of several things has happened:

  1. I'm actually in my office but I've left the door closed.
  2. I've stepped out for a moment.
  3. I'm in the Computer Science Department office.
  4. I've gone somewhere else, in which case I'll have notified the Department office.
So if there's not a note posted, knock on my door, wait five or ten minutes, then check with the department. If none of those steps manages to locate me, feel free to send me e-mail scolding me for slacking off.

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Looking for programming partner
If you aren't currently working with a partner on Assignment 2 and would be willing to do so, please contact me.

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