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Sun, Mar 06, 2005

New NSA Security Standard
The National Security Agency has released a new, recommended set of cryptographic standards for securing sensitive and unclassified data. The standard, called "Suite B," specifies Elliptic-Curve algorithms for public-key cryptography along with the existing AES and SHA standards for symmetric cryptography and hashing.

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Just in case you were wondering
Why Software Engineering is not B.S.

Click here for Monday's Lab Exercises.

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If you're not at least a little paranoid by the time you finish this class, then I haven't been doing my job: from our friends at CAIDA comes "Remote physical device fingerprinting."

Every computer clock has a bit of skew caused by tiny differences in the hardware. This causes the clock to be slightly different from every other clock, and it could be used to uniquely indentify your computer. It turns out that you can measure this skew from almost anywhere on the Internet, even from behind a firewall. Which means that, potentially, your computer can be tracked even if connects to the Internet through different networks...

Paranoid yet?

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