CpSc 465, Principles of Computer Graphics

Assignment 4

due April 26

Multiple Choice

We've discussed several different approaches to modeling over the last few weeks of class. Choose one of the following to implement:
Hierarchical Modeling
Construct the robot shown in Figure 7.11 on p. 267 of the book. Specify the transformations for the head, arms, and hands locally using glPushMatrix() and glPopMatrix() so that they can be moved independently. Allow the user to change the transformations interactively using the keyboard or mouse.
Hermite and Bezier Curves
Modify your program from Assignment 1 to allow the user to interactively specify Hermite and Bezier curves instead of straight lines. You may allow both to be drawn on the same screen, or toggle between them using a menu item.
Fractal Modeling
Implement the fractal mountain technique described on pp. 361-362 of the book. Allow the user to rotate the resulting model using the mouse. You may use the virtual trackball developed for Assignment 4 or another method.