CpSc 465, Principles of Computer Graphics

Assignment 3

due April 5


In this assignment, you will create a 3-dimensional wireframe model of a Greek temple using the plans show below. The model should fit within the cube -2 < x < 2, -2 < y < 2, -2 < z < 2. Center the temple at the origin, and position the synthetic camera at (3, 3, 3).
front side top
Use glutWireCube() for the floor and roof and gluCylinder() for the columns. Use glVertex() to specify the pyramid at the top.


Add a menu item to allow the user to toggle between perspective and parallel projection. Allow the user to rotate the model with the mouse using the "virtual trackball" interaction technique described in class. The "Z" and "z" keys should move the synthetic camera closer and farther away from the model, respectively.