CpSc 461, Software Engineering Techniques

Project Meetings 6 and 7

Feature Implementation

You will have two weeks to implement your design.

Design Changes

As you work to implement the feature, it is entirely possible that you will realize that your design does not necessarily comport with reality. If you need to update your design, feel free to do so, but make certain that you update your design documentation. Note that extensive changes to the design are often the result of failing to put enough time into design in the first place.

Also note that I will read both your code and your design documentation, and I will attempt to match the two. The code you produce should reflect the design.

Test Planning

You should also begin planning for the test phase. As you write code, think about what could possibly wrong, and how you would test to see whether it did. It might be a good idea to write down test ideas as they occur to you. It might be an even better idea to include them as comments in the code.


Since implementation may prompt changes in your design and testing may lead to changes in your implementation, there will be no formal deliverables until 5/16. On that day, your team will have a chance to describe your project to the rest of the class and demonstrate its operation. In addition, submit the following:
  1. Updated design documentation (if necessary)
  2. A hard copy of your code
  3. A working version of your program
  4. Your test plan or other test documentation
  5. Your test results